Our Architects

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Stanislav Balan

“I’m the founder of ARTK, general manager at DCC School and interior designer. I adore being an interior designer and an architect because I get to be both an engineer and an artist. On one hand I care deeply about the aesthetics of the project, client’s preferences and attention to minute details and on the other hand I keep in mind the reliability of the structures, the optimal ergonomical conditions and the engineering of the project. I delve into both worlds and almost every time a new project feels like an adventure”


Botaniuc Sergiu

I’m a co-founder of ARTK and an architect. I have extensive experience in large-scale projects in the Residential, Commercial, Hospital, Health and Education architectural projects. I have carried out projects in several countries such as UK, Australia, UAE, Netherlands, Romania and Moldova. I had the opportunity to work with several famous design companies where I have joined or led top projects such as:  Luxury House in Palm Jumeira (Dubai, UAE), Toro Center. (Chisinau), Heritage International School (Chisinau), High Park Residence (Chisinau),

Vladislav Baltag

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Let’s Build Something

If you need a consultation regarding the architecture or the design of the project that you have in mind, we’ll be happy talk to you!