We are ARTK

We are ARTK

About ARTK

The spaces that we live and work in have a great influence on our productivity, mental health, the quality of human interactions and our overall well-being. We create work environments that inspire people to new ideas, boost their productivity and foster their imagination. We create home environments that bring peace of mind and inner zen.


We create private, commercial and residential buildings that contribute to the public realm by placing an emphasis on beauty, aesthetics, and a distinct sense of place.

Interior Design

We create modern interior designs that employ a sense of simplicity in every element. Clean, crisp lines, a simple color palette and the use of high-quality eco-friendly materials.

Branding and Identity

We will make sure your brand identity and your interior design match perfectly and complement each other and if you don’t have a brand identity yet, our designers will help you create one.

Product Design

If your interior design requires custom pieces of furniture that fit your unique personality or spirit of the brand, we can design brand new furniture just for you.

Recent Projects

Interior Design

Antonovich Apartment

Modern-style Apartment

Interior Design

Dendrarium Apartment

Modern-style Apartment

Our Clients

Let's build something awesome

Do you have an idea? We want to hear it. No matter how crazy or audacious or challenging it may be, together we can make it happen.

31 A Bulgara street, Chisinau, Moldova

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