VINO Pizza & Wine
When we are tasked with creating a public space, we think first and foremost about people's comfort, prioritising the experience they will have when eating, visiting or just hanging out. We indirectly provide them with the privacy they need by creating a calm, homely and welcoming atmosphere. First impressions matter, so we are inspired by attention to every detail. That's how we've created everything at Vino Pizza - a place where you can feel special.
Completion date:
Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
180 m2
Stanislav Balan - architect
The geometric shapes and elegance of the wine flow is at home here. We wanted and succeeded in "wandering" people's gaze as they enter Vino Pizza. We took inspiration from the restaurant's philosophy and recreated shapes that create the impression of endless movement. And it's all face-to-face with the diners. Nothing eccentric - everything is simple and practical. After all, a place that looks good already has great potential.
Vino Pizza & Wine now boasts a dynamic design, with bionic and rhythmic shapes that offer people a special, unique sensation and a unique service experience. The philosophy of this place is an abundance of wine, spices, a range of pizzas and unique structures. A unique place to enjoy pizza, take photos, spend leisure time and admire the inspiring design.
The functionality of this location is ensured by the correct organisation of passageways and seating areas. Thus, there are two main zones in the establishment. An area for longer wine and food enjoyment, equipped with a refrigerated display case, where local wine collections are presented. Here you will find soft furnishings, lots of wood and an understated atmosphere. The other zone, a more "active" one, is for those who want to quickly satisfy their hunger and savour a pizza. In addition to these furnished areas, there is a bar overlooking the street. All to offer customers variety and convenience.
Stanislav Balan
+373 60 473 337 / +373 79 016 804

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